Eighteen years ago, a car accident left me with a traumatic brain injury, the subsequent loss of my teaching career, and a general feeling of my life gone off the rails. In the years since, I’ve learned to be on the lookout for handholds to help me navigate through this unimagined life and have often found them wedged inside categories of beauty, love, joy, and hope. And lots of digging in the garden. These days my garden is located right beside a north-south rail line and so my writing in this space begins quite literally, just off the rails.

I’m not sure what you’ll find here from me in coming days. I currently plan to spend this fall at play in the sandbox of my website where I have blogged on and off for years. Out of that work I’ll plan to find my trail for a weekly or biweekly Substack note, details still fuzzy. You can find my work at jennifersearls.com and read a bit more about me there. A couple projects I am particularly attached to over there -

  1. 17 Beats

  2. My Reading Trail since 2008

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Miscellany from a life lived beside the tracks.